How To Build Your Own Content Operations Platform (Content Hub)

How to build a content hub

As a marketing agency, we generate a lot of content. Over the years, we’ve used various processes to manage the ideation, creation, review, and publication of all the content we generate. For a long time, we used GatherContent for this, but things changed with that tool recently and we had to either: Change all our…

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SEMA Market Reports Show That Industry Needs Better Content

If you’re in the business of selling parts and accessories, a SEMA membership is probably a worthwhile investment. Not only does membership entitle you to attend the world’s greatest car show, but it also gets you some awesome market research info like the SEMA annual report. Free for SEMA members, you can download the report…

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Do Not Hire An Automotive Content Writer Until You Read This

Do not hire an auto writer until you read this article.

NOTE: We know our headline is over the top. But stick with us – we might be able to save you some time and money. Let’s talk about why companies hire automotive content writers: They’re engaged in content marketing in-house, and they need a writer who knows about cars They want to start blogging but don’t have…

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How To Keep Your Ecommerce Blog From Being Terrible


A terrible ecommerce website blog isn’t always easy to spot. This is because terrible blogs often have a positive impact on a website: A terrible blog will still bring traffic to a website via search engines A terrible blog makes a site look active and maintained, which boosts consumer trust A terrible blog will offer…

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Parts Website Navigation 101

Navigation 101

Making the navigation on your website easy to use seems like a no-brainer – you link to the “stuff” you want your users to find in the main menu, then you just assume your users will find it and everything will go to plan. Unfortunately, website navigation is actually quite difficult. Helping your customers find…

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5 Tips for Optimizing Your Product Pages

Product pages tips

A product page is a landing page, and a good landing page is one that “gets the sale.” In order to maximize sales revenue, it’s a good idea to review the content and structure of your product pages, with an eye towards addressing the concerns and objections of potential buyers. While there are a lot…

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The Hidden Costs of Auto Parts Website Templates

Hidden cost of Auto Parts Website Templates

When you’re finally ready to take the leap into selling parts online, it can be extremely tempting to purchase a website template. They’re cheap, you don’t have to know how to code, and you don’t have to hire a website designer. But website templates are one of those things that are simply too good to…

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