Our History

Founded in 2007, Spork has always been focused on results.

Spork Marketing was founded by Jason Lancaster in 2007. Since those early days, Spork has been heavily involved in creating and promoting automotive content for the purposes of ecommerce and lead generation. In 2012, we became a company focused exclusively on the auto part and accessories industry.

Today, Spork helps OEM and after-market part online retailers increase sales, and we work with auto part manufacturers to develop and grow their brands. During the years we’ve been in business, we’ve seen dramatic changes in the work of online marketing. Back in 2007, MySpace was kind of a big deal. Before the first Panda update in 2011, keyword stuffing was a best practice. Before the Penguin update in April, 2012, link spam was effective and profitable. We were there when Twitter launched, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, etc. etc.

The point? We’ve been around long enough now to know that change is inevitable. We’ve learned that good online marketing processes are fluid, that success isn’t guaranteed from one day to the next, and that a major disruption is always on the horizon. This understanding is what makes us a powerful marketing partner: We’re always learning and testing – that’s the best protection in a rapidly evolving industry.

Watch Spork’s founder Jason Lancaster reflect on starting the company and his philosophies below.