Spork Case Study: Decoding VIN Numbers

...for Traffic and Links

Our Goal

Develop a free and useful online tool for Volkswagen owners that would generate links to our client’s website, as well as traffic and sales.

What We Did

Knowing that many people enjoy learning about the information contained in their vehicle VIN, we developed an online VIN decoder. While many companies offer free VIN decoders online, our tool is not cluttered with ads or designed to capture email addresses. We then promoted our tool and optimized it to appear in search results.

What Happened

Within a couple of weeks of launching the tool, more than 1,000 people had used it to lookup their VIN. Today, tens of thousands of people have used the tool, and the tool is spontaneously linked to handful of times each month. This steady stream of links helps to boost search rankings.

website vin decoder brings traffic and links: Spork Case Study

Why Not Place a Useful Tool On Your Site?

Free Online Tools on websites are not only useful, they can be fun and drive lots of new traffic as well.

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