Spork Case Study: Campers Are Gonna Love It

...Once They See It!

Our Goal

Introduce a new camping and outdoors product to the US marketplace, with the intention of generating sales ASAP, and with almost no advertising budget.

What We Did

After reviewing the product and potential uses, we zeroed in on the best opportunities to quickly generate interest. We created content that was likely to be found by camping and off-the-grid enthusiasts searching for solutions to problems online. The client’s product was one of the solutions listed in these articles. We then promoted this content to bloggers and journalists, advertised this content on social media, and BOOM. Success.

What Happened

In a very short span of time (less than 3 months), the client’s site ranked on the first page of Google for high volume search terms right next to their closest competitor. This resulted in a dramatic increase in website traffic (nearly double) and a steady stream of product sales.

Spork Marketing Case study results for new camping and outdoors product

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