Spork Case Study: Free Mustang Model

Makes 6,800+ FB’ers Do a Happy Dance

Our Goal

Create content that generates interest from Ford enthusiasts, including journalists and bloggers.

What We Did

Mustang enthusiasts have long revered the 68’ Shelby GT500 KR. We worked with an artist to create a paper model of this classic Mustang, and then offered the plans to print and create this paper model free of charge on our client’s website. We promoted the model to Mustang communities and blogs.

What Happened

Mustang enthusiasts flocked to the free model. More than 6,800 Facebook users liked our model, with more than 600 choosing to share the model on their own profile. The model was also mentioned by classic car and Mustang enthusiast websites and blogs.

over 6800 likes on facebook: Spork case study content

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