Spork Case Study: Auto Parts Are Interesting

... Enough To Blog About?

Our Goal

Increase website traffic and sales via content marketing

What We Did

Launched a brand-specific blog about auto parts, with emphasis on content that helps vehicle owners diagnose and repair vehicle problems, but also content that’s specific to an automotive brand

What Happened

Writing about brand-specific news, maintenance tips, DIY repair how-tos, and interesting same-brand vehicles has led to shockingly high volumes of search traffic (over 100k pageviews per month on one of our auto parts blogs). A substantial percentage of this traffic goes on to purchase parts on the client’s main ecommerce website.

blogging brings website growth: Spork Marketing Case Study

Blogging Can Be a Huge Asset For Your Business

Relevant and interesting blog posts can drive a steady stream of potential customers to your website. Thinking about blogging? We can help!

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