Parts eCommerce Website Review For A Popular Tuning Website (Video)

A few months ago, Spork Marketing ran a contest for a free website review. The winner was EuroSportTuning.com, and we made this video for them (and for you) to see our recommendations.

NOTE: The contest was a free website review in exchange for making the review public. We’re going to do another contest soon, and if you’d like to enter be sure to subscribe to our newsletter.

Before we get to the video here’s a bit about our conversion rate optimization (CRO) site review process:

  • In the 15+ years we’ve been in business, we’ve developed a comprehensive 200+ item CRO checklist
  • Every new client gets a CRO review using this checklist
  • Our entire team – which includes several car nerds as well as a few ordinary nerds – reviews the client’s site and provides feedback

For our client, this isn’t a “fun” process. We often find a laundry list of items that need to be fixed/changed/improved, and sometimes we run into obstacles that can’t be overcome. Generally speaking, site reviews like this are painful.

Still, a good site review can be a game-changer. Higher conversion rates mean more sales from your existing traffic and budget.

Key Points From EuroSportTuning.com Website Review

The video is about 25 minutes, but if you are like us and want the nitty gritty in a minute or two, fast forward to the summary at the 21:20 mark. You can also read what we’ve got here for some of the high points.

Golden Triangle

Key messages go in the upper left corner of the home page so that everyone will see them. The top left is part of the “golden triangle,” which is a term that originated in the early days of the web because user testing showed that our eyes naturally go to the corners and down from a page.

We talk a little bit more about the golden triangle and other website design tricks in this post on SporkMarketing.com.

Above The Fold

The phrase “above the fold” calls back to the ol’ newspaper days when the most important news was laid out above the fold of the paper. Same concept is true online. Perhaps a better way to phrase it would be “above the scroll.” You want all your most important details up top. Don’t make your customers work.

Make Sure Users Can Find Parts Easily

A year-make-model lookup feature is essential. EuroSportTuning.com does a good job at making this tool prominent and simplifying the search process for users. Spork also recommends dropdown menus in the navigation bar where you can list products by brand and part type.

Trust Building And USPs

Items such as secure checkout language, return policies, newsletter signups, and payment icons all help a website visitor trust that you are a legitimate and trustworthy business. If you can show that you have a lot of fans/customers (social proof) that’ll help build trust, too.

A unique selling proposition (USP) is a statement that identifies what makes you different and worthy of the customers’ dollars. At Spork, we often recommend customers have a “Why Buy” page or section because…it works!

Checkout: Keep With Convention, Simplicity, And Overlays

Keep the cart simple and maintain a conventional checkout process. This is not an area where you want to get creative or try something new.

Those popup overlays may be annoying in some cases, but when it comes to the checkout, they are effective in preventing lost sales.

Want Your Own Website Review?

If you are interested in a site review, reach out. They are generally quick to do and inexpensive, especially if you follow our CRO recommendations and see that uptick in sales.


If you visit https://eurosporttuning.com/ and compare the live site against the site in the video, you’ll see they made several of our recommended updates.

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