6 Simple Rules For Marketing Your Parts Or Auto Service Online

What kind of business owner would you be if you weren’t interested in improving upon your marketing? Today we give you our most simple, yet effective, marketing rules.

Keep your business pitch simple

Your business needs a simple pitch.

1. Keep your pitch simple. You should be able to explain in one paragraph or less:

  • what your product or service is,
  • why it’s important, and
  • why your company is the best provider

If you can’t do that, you’re bound to have trouble marketing online. Here’s our pitch:
Spork Marketing helps auto part businesses promote their products on the Internet, the most cost-effective marketing and advertising medium. We don’t require long-term contracts and have proven success in the industry. Contact us for a free consultation.

2. Define specific and attainable goals. What do you want your Internet marketing to accomplish? Don’t say “sales.” Break it down further into the types of actions that create sales like an increase in phone calls, emails, or downloads of a company white paper for example. Internet marketing works really well when you define the funnel, or series of actions, that lead to your ultimate goal of more sales.Once a funnel is defined, it’s easier to focus on filling the funnel and managing the process from there.

3. Track everything. Every website owner should track:

  • Where visitors come from (both source and geography), how long they stay on your site, what pages they look at, what links they click on, what forms the fill out, etc. Basically, every website needs Google Analytics (or similar way to track website data).
  • Calls. If you have a website and you don’t have any idea how many calls it generates, you’re missing out on a huge metric. People still call instead of emailing. Consider a tracking phone number TODAY.

The Internet has replaced the yellow pages, but it hasn’t replaced the telephone.

4. Incorporate the four pillars into your marketing strategy. In my opinion, the four pillars of online marketing are email, video, search, and social media. Make each of the four part of your STRATEGY. These aren’t tactical marketing tools. They’re the foundation of a successful online marketing effort.

5. Narrow your focus and specialize. No business owner wants to turn away potential opportunities by specializing in a particular area. However, without specialization, it’s very difficult to stand out from the crowd. Successful marketing requires a business to choose a niche.

Do you provide auto parts to every consumer and repair shop on the planet? Why not start with a focus in your region or with Honda drivers interested in the latest LED lighting? Even better, specialize by becoming the premium option. Would you rather sell a bucket of regular old ice for $0.99, or a bucket of perfectly spherical ice for $1,440? Personally, I’d rather make the $1,400 selling ice…but that’s just me.

6. Your website needs improvement. It doesn’t matter who built it or how well you think it works. The reality is that most websites need improvement, and improvement starts with testing. User testing and landing page testing are essential to a website’s success.

We will freely admit that the Spork Marketing website could be better. Every time we test something, we find a way to make an improvement.

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