Auto Parts Ecommerce Website Domain Name Ideas

Last week, we shared some tips and suggestions for choosing a good parts ecommerce domain name. This week, we’re following up on that post with some concrete naming ideas. Here’s a list of domain name suggestions for auto part etailers.

Good Prefixes and Suffixes for Keyword Domain Names

We mentioned last week that most of the good keyword domain names are already registered. You can’t register TruckLiftKits.com, for example, because someone has beat you to it. This is too bad, because “truck lift kits” is a relatively popular search query that has a lot of commercial intent.

The solution? We can add a prefix or a suffix to the keyword and come up with a domain name that’s available.

Suggested Prefixes:

  • Discount – DiscountTruckLiftKits.com isn’t bad, only we have two t’s together, so we’d want to register the typo
  • Cheap – CheapTruckLiftKits.com isn’t great – “cheap” has some negative connotations – but sometimes “cheap” is a good descriptor
  • OEM – A lot of people prefer OEM parts, so it can be a good prefix too (only probably not for TruckLiftKits.com)

Suggested Suffixes:

  • USA – TruckLiftKitsUSA.com sounds good, and it’s currently available
  • Online – TruckLiftKitsOnline.com is long, but a lot of consumers add the word “online” to their searches when they’re trying to find an online store vs. a local store.
  • World – TruckLiftKitWorld.com sounds good too, and is currently available
  • Outlet – TruckLiftKitOutlet.com is currently available too
  • Warehouse – TruckLiftKitWarehouse.com is very long, but a lot of online consumers like the idea of buying directly from a warehouse. It’s a good brandable suffix, at least if you can “play up” the warehouse aspect of your business.

By the way, we’re mentioning that these domains are available to demonstrate how easy it can be to find a decent .com domain name.

Good Brandable Words You Can Add To Auto Parts Ecommerce Domains

If you want to make an auto parts domain a little more brandable, any of the following words can help:

  • Racing
  • Motorsports
  • Muscle
  • Classic
  • Performance
  • Speed
  • Sport
  • Center
  • Tuning
  • Offroad
  • 4×4
  • Club

Remember to Focus On .com and .net

There are a lot of unconventional TLDs (like .parts, .ecom, .bargains) that might seem like a good idea. The trouble with these unconventional TLDs is that most consumers aren’t familiar with them. A consumer survey found that only 30% of people in the US were aware of the these TLDs.

Keep in mind, this survey just asked consumers if they knew that new TLDs were available. It did not establish how many consumers have heard of .parts, .bargains, .ecom, etc. However, that’s a pretty good sign that consumers haven’t heard of them. So, for that reason, we don’t recommend them.

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