New Digital Solutions Guide From Fellowes Research Group

Fellowes Research Group, Inc. recently published a comprehensive guide to digital solutions available to auto dealers, auto manufacturers, and related businesses. The guide – numbering 275 pages – covers:

  1. A comprehensive list of digital “solutions” that help dealers improve parts sales, logistics, etc
  2. A run-down of 50 leading companies that offer these solutions
  3. A review of both strategic opportunities to the OE parts business as well as challenges

As you might have guessed, Spork Marketing is mentioned as a solution provider in this guide.

Digital Solutions Guide by Ted Fellowes

The Fellowes Research Group guide is meant to act as a comprehensive list of digital solutions for the OE auto parts business. There’s a lot of information in this publication that isn’t readily available through other authoritative sources – indeed, we know of no other guide that offers the same type of information.

“The guide,” says Ted Fellowes, founder of Fellowes Research “is the first in a series that fills a void in ‘research publications’ providing coverage of service-parts solutions specifically and dealer systems generally.”

“The vehicle service-parts market in general and the specific repair markets – particularly collision repair – are surprisingly complex for their size. Few firms have the resources to stay current with all available solutions, relevant solution providers, data sources, evolving OEM (and stakeholder) parts programs as well as the various fluid strategic considerations that present opportunities and threats to their businesses. The Guide shines a needed light into this sector,” explains Fellowes.

The new research guide is being offered as a subscription with updates and access to the author.

Ted Fellowes has spoken at numerous Digital Dealer conferences about the potential of OEM parts eCommerce, and his resume is quite extensive. You can see from his speaker profile here and his LinkedIn profile that he is uniquely qualified to create this type of comprehensive guide.

To learn more about the guide, contact Fellowes Research.

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