8 Most Important eCommerce Blogs You Need to Follow

By carefully selecting which blogs to follow online, you can learn a whole lot about eCommerce without having to wade through a sea of unrelated posts. Include these blogs in your RSS reader, and you’ll learn a lot about eCommerce everyday.

The Shopify Blog

Shop logo

Shopify clearly makes a strong effort at putting high-quality and relevant posts that apply to eCommerce professionals on their blog. In addition, they also post content from a variety of guest posters from a wide range of backgrounds with various levels of experience — so you can get a well-rounded look at the market from different perspectives.


Practical Ecommerce

Pract logo

If you can only find time to read one blog on a regular basis, this is probably the one that makes the most sense for all professionals. It offers insights into all aspects of eCommerce — covering conversion, marketing, social media, designs, shopping carts, and much more.


The KissMetrics Blog

Kiss logo

This blog is packed with real, helpful information about analytics and marketing. It’s run by professionals who have helps big name companies significantly increase their traffic — their articles are definitely worth reading if you want to find out how.


The Buffer Blog

Buffer logo

Buffer offers social media solutions for businesses, and their blog is full of tips and “hacks” to better your business and productivity. Their blog isn’t directly related to eCommerce, but it offers great insight on how to join creativity with productivity.


Decoded: Contemporary Commerce

Decoded logo

This is a great follow to gain insights on the latest eCommerce practices — and stay up to date on the industry. Learn about consumer habits, mistakes you might be making, and what’s working in eCommerce for other companies.


The WordStream Blog

Wordstream logo

There are hundreds of posts on this blog that cover topics from copywriting to conversion rates! You can really find the best information on Adwords and keywords as a newbie to the concepts, or even an experienced professional in the industry.


Neuromarketing by Roger Dooley

Neuro logo

This blog is dedicated to the analysis of consumer behavior and what goes through the mind of a customer. Posts on this blog are both fun and informative — offering a fascinating mixture of marketing and psychology to readers.


The Moz Blog

Moz logo

There’s a constant stream of helpful, but also quirky content on this site. Their tips on making content is where this site seems to shine, but it’s also loaded with useful SEO posts.

Check out these blogs and find which ones have the most appeal to you, as they’re all going to be useful in eCommerce practices.

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