10 Ecommerce Twitter Profiles Worth Following – 2018 Edition

If you’re in the business of auto parts and accessories ecommerce – or just ecommerce in general – Twitter can be a great place to find out about news, new tools and software, and pick up some tips. The following list of ecommerce profiles is listed in no particular order, and is not meant to be an exclusive list – these are just 10 profiles we recommend following.




@ThinkwithGoogle – Google is obviously a pretty influential company as far as ecommerce is concerned. Their “Think with Google” content is interesting, especially if you’re interested in advertising and user behavior.

@Ecommerce – Daily ecommerce news. Great for keeping the ‘big picture’ framed up.

@Klaviyo – A great collection of email marketing tips and content, from a company that makes a great email marketing tool.

@PracticalEcomm – This is the account for the site Practical eCommerce, an amazing source for ecommerce news and tips. Their Twitter account is full of tips on how to make your store more user-friendly and how to draw in more shoppers.

@Shopify – While we don’t think Shopify is the best platform for auto parts ecommerce (you can see which platforms we recommend here), they tweet out a lot of interesting info about ecommerce. This is particularly true if you’re just getting started in ecommerce and want to learn about best practices.

@SmashingMag – It’s not specifically an ecommerce Twitter profile, but you can’t find a much better resource for insights into website design and development.

@TheShopMagazine – While they don’t talk about ecommerce very much, this profile is a must follow if you’re in the auto parts and accessories business.

@RevolutionParts – Lots of great content here specific to OEM parts ecommerce, most of which is also applicable to aftermarket parts and accessories.

@Ecom_Nation – Just a steady stream of content that helps ecommerce companies grow – it’s easy to spend time reading everything they post, so consider yourself warned.

@sporkmarketing – Last but not least, we share a lot of content from our blog on Twitter. Since our blog is devoted to marketing auto parts and accessories online, it’s a great resource for anyone in the business of selling parts online.

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