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Designing a website for business requires an understanding of a few key principles. While a lot of web designers emphasize specific elements, a good business website will honor each of these main tenets.

1) Form ALWAYS Follows Function.

When someone visits your site, what are they supposed to do? Your website should be simple to navigate, easy to read, and directed towards your ultimate goal. Flash elements, fancy fonts, unconventional design, too many graphics, playing music…the list of design elements that hurt a website goes on and on.

A simple website often works best.

2) You Can’t Control the User Experience

When designing a website, it’s important to recognize that the user has total control. It’s nearly impossible to force a user to engage your site in a specific way. So, rather than focusing on what YOU want the user to do, focus on what USERS want from you.

Don’t try to force people to register with you to get what they want; don’t try and steer users to follow a specific path. These strategies may seem logical, but they usually result in users leaving your website (never to return).

3) Good Content Will Drive Users to Your Site

On the web, “Content is King.” The proof is everywhere you look – “ugly” sites with good content always out-rank “good” sites with mediocre content.

In other words, if you have to choose between investing in a great web design or great content, always choose the content.

4) Interaction is Key

Websites should be more than digital brochures. They should give your users a chance to interact with you, your product, or your service. Blogs and videos are excellent ways to boost a website’s interactivity.

5) Focus on One Goal Per Page

It’s brutally simple, but every page of content should have one goal. The content on your homepage should encourage people to read more of your site. The content on your contact page should encourage people to contact you, etc. Make certain that every page is built towards one specific goal.

Every website created by Spork Marketing follows these principals. When choosing a web designer, we recommend you discuss these principles with your prospective designer in detail. It’s a great way to make sure you and your designer have the same goals.