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Guest blogging offers numerous benefits – public relations, indirect sales opportunities, website referral traffic, and of course SEO . When used correctly, it’s an excellent Internet marketing technique.

However, a recent wave of spammy guest blogging has diminished the value of the tactic. In years past, a handful of quality guest blog post placements could make a sizable difference in website rankings. Today, we’re seeing that the technique is only effective when:

  1. The guest post placement is highly relevant to your site OR the site you’re posting on is very high quality
  2. The guest post site has a legitimate following/audience

In other words, the days of pushing out dozens of guest posts a month are over. Today, you need to find a short list of great sites, then work diligently to come up with something truly valuable/useful/creative to pitch to one of these sites, with no guarantee of success.

As a result of these changes, our guest blogging services are no longer available on an a la carte basis. The time requirements for each successful placement are so high that this service is only available to our ongoing marketing services clients.

Additionally, we’ve forged a series of relationships with automotive blog and website owners over the years, and we’re not willing to leverage these relationships for just anyone. You’ve got to be a good client of ours to take advantage.

So, if you’re looking for a great guest blogging company, you’ve found one. You just need to be willing to work with us on an ongoing basis (and you need to have a product or service that’s highly relevant to the auto industry). Contact us to learn more.

How Our Guest Blogging Services Work

1. Using our list of quality automotive blogs (and related industry blogs), we will provide a list of good quality potential guest blog post placements for you to review and approve.

2. We will pitch each blog owner a quality blog post idea that’s interesting, informative, and/or entertaining.

3. If our pitch is accepted, we’ll create a high quality blog post that links back to your site with branded anchor text.

4. Once our guest post is published, we will support that post with social media promotions, advertising, etc. This way we give your guest post every chance to succeed, and provide the blog owner with additional value above and beyond our great guest post.

The entire process takes weeks, but the results are often worth the wait.

Frequently Asked Questions

In addition to the process above, here are some answers to some questions we’re frequently asked:

What Pagerank are the blogs you place on?

We don’t care about pagerank, and neither should you. Pagerank is almost meaningless…it has a very low correlation with actual rankings, and other metrics (particular SEOMoz Page and Domain Authority) are likely better indicators of link quality.

What’s more, blog topic relevance, social activity, audience, editorial focus, and domain authority are all important.

If you’re just looking at Pagerank or Domain Authority or some other single number metric, you’re doing it wrong.

Is your content unique?

It’s amazing that people have to ask this question, isn’t it? We owe it to any blog owner we contact to provide them with the very best blog post we can. If we ever short-change a blogger, they’ll stop working with us…so it’s vital to our business that everything we produce is excellent.

And, while we’re talking about it, our content is magazine quality. We hire experienced, professional writers to produce top-quality work.

Can I be listed as the author?

Absolutely. One of the main benefits of guest blogging is that it gives business owners a chance to bolster their credibility as an expert. Therefore, it’s suggested that you put your name on any guest posts we place on your behalf. That’s why we want to involve you in every step of the process, and that’s why we’re so serious about quality.

How long will my posts stay up? Will they get deleted in 6 months?

We place your posts on quality, established blogs, and the bloggers we work with are passionate professionals – there’s no reason to think any of the posts we place will ever disappear. Out of hundreds of guest posts placed over the last 4 years, we’ve had half a dozen lost, and in most cases it was because the blogs lost data.

Where can I learn more about guest blogging?

Read our quick guide The Business Benefits of Guest Blogging to get a better sense of why this is such an excellent marketing technique.