In honor of Denver’s premier status in the brewing industry, we made this graphic. We hope you like it.

Denver Colorado Beer Facts

Here’s a true story about this graphic:

“We shared this infographic with someone at the Colorado Brewing Association (or whatever it was called), and they told us that this graphic wasn’t something they could support. Evidently, they were perturbed that we included the factoid ‘you get drunk faster in Denver’ in our graphic. They said that factoid made the beer industry look bad and that they couldn’t be part of sharing our graphic.

But here’s the thing – you DO get drunk faster in Denver. It’s not a secret. If anything, that seems like a selling point…’Come to Denver and get really drunk faster than you expect!’ Call me crazy, but I see that bringing in tourists.”

– Jason Lancaster, Founder of Spork Marketing


Creative Commons License The Colorado Beer Facts graphic above by Spork Marketing is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.