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Auto parts ecommerce domain name ideas

Auto Parts Ecommerce Website Domain Name Ideas

Last week, we shared some tips and suggestions for choosing a good parts ecommerce domain name. This week, we’re following up on that post with some concrete naming ideas. Here’s a list of domain name suggestions for auto part etailers. Good Prefixes and Suffixes for Keyword Domain Names We mentioned last week that most of the… Read More

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Choosing a Domain Name

Choosing A Domain Name For Your New Parts Ecommerce Site

Choosing a domain name for a new parts ecommerce website can be a challenge. There are a million possibilities, and no clear or obvious guidelines. Our goal with this post is to provide a framework that will help you narrow down the name of your new auto parts ecommerce website.

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The pros and cons of Magento

Auto Parts Ecommerce Using Magento – Pros and Cons

At Spork, we’re often asked about using Magento as an auto parts ecommerce platform. While there are certainly some benefits to Magento’s ecommerce platform, it is not a platform we typically recommend. This post will lay out the pros and cons of using Magento for auto parts ecommerce, and explain why Magento isn’t our first choice for auto parts… Read More

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E-Commerce Trust Symbols

E-Commerce Trust Symbols – Advice For Etailers

Whether you sell auto parts and accessories, or cute little artisinal soaps, you know that online consumers don’t always trust the websites they do business with. Many etailers have experienced consumer skepticism in the form of suspicious questions like these: “Is your website part of a legitimate business, or is it just some guy in his basement?“… Read More

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Do not hire an auto writer until you read this article.

Do Not Hire An Automotive Content Writer Until You Read This

NOTE: We know our headline is over the top. But stick with us – we might be able to save you some time and money. Let’s talk about why companies hire automotive content writers: They’re engaged in content marketing in-house, and they need a writer who knows about cars They want to start blogging, but don’t have… Read More

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Benchmark banner

How to Benchmark Your Closest Competitors And Grow

In our previous article about competitive comparison, we talked about the importance of focusing on close competitors, how to identify close competitors, and a basic approach to studying competitors. In this article, we’re going more in-depth on items to study as well as tools available to make benchmarking easier.

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How To Keep Your Ecommerce Blog From Being Terrible

A terrible ecommerce website blog isn’t always easy to spot. This is because terrible blogs often have a positive impact on a website: A terrible blog will still bring traffic to a website via search engines A terrible blog makes a site look active and maintained, which boosts consumer trust A terrible blog will offer… Read More

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