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National Auto Parts Advertising Costs by Medium – A Quick Overview

Are you thinking about a national advertising campaign for your auto parts brand or retail website? Here’s some pricing info for a handful of common advertising mediums that auto parts manufacturers and retailers like to use. The rates can range dramatically from one opportunity to the next, so obviously the numbers will include a wide range of values.

The data below shouldn’t be used to determine whether or not a particular advertising opportunity is a good deal – it’s basically here to help marketers put national advertising costs in perspective.


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The Power of Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) for Automotive Ecommerce

If you’re not a professional web nerd like me, you might not be intimately involved with the concept of Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO). Yet if you own or manage an automotive ecommerce site, CRO should be a topic that’s at the top of your mind.┬áHere’s why. (more…)

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Auto Parts Marketing Idea – Sponsor a Facebook Contest

Facebook contests are simple, affordable, and incredibly easy to manage when you use the right tool.

Facebook contest flyer.

Here’s a quick rundown that will guide you through managing a Facebook contest for fun and profit, along with some advice on “closing the loop” and making sure you maximize your dollars.

First, let’s talk about what you need to run a contest:

  1. A popular Facebook page, or an agreement to run a contest with someone that owns a popular Facebook page
  2. A prize that’s cool enough to get people talking
  3. A platform to manage contest entries and help you pick a winner
  4. Advertising to promote your contest
  5. Most importantly, a logical plan that ties this contest into everything else you’re doing

I’ve gone into greater detail on each of these items below. (more…)

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Auto Parts Marketing Idea – Hold Your Own Car Show

Whether you’re in the business of manufacturing auto parts, retailing parts online, or retailing parts in your local market, a car show can be an effective and affordable way to market your company.

Car show event marketing

Looking for a way to promote your auto parts company? Create an event. Photo Credit: Hugo90


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SEMA This Week

One of my favorite events of the year, I’ll be attending the SEMA car show Tuesday the 5th thru Thursday the 7th. (more…)

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