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Ecommerce Shipping Supplies

Essential Shipping Supplies For Ecommerce

In the 10+ years that we’ve been consulting with ecommerce businesses, we’ve learned a fair amount about the nuts of bolts of ecommerce operations. Based on best practices shared by our clients, we’ve compiled a list of essential shipping supplies every ecommerce business needs. Whether you’re just getting your ecommerce business off the ground, or… Read More

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The Key To SEO Isn’t Technical Perfection – It’s Content

As an auto parts marketing firm that specializes in search engine optimization, we’re always following news about the search engines. From technical analysis of various patents and case studies, to more general news about algorithm updates, we’ve always got our ears on the rail. This technical information is interesting, and it’s often helpful to know this… Read More

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How Hard Is It To Rank For X? 30 Second SEO Competition Check

Wondering what it’s going to take to rank #1 on Google for “auto parts” or “Toyota Tacoma rock rails” or any other term? Short answer: It’s depends on your site, your competitor’s sites, how Google interprets the intent of the searcher, etc. But there are some quick and dirty ways to estimate difficulty, which we’re… Read More

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Website Testimonial Guidelines

Endorsements and testimonials can be powerful marketing tools, but they have to be used with care. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) pays close attention to endorsements and testimonials they find online (especially on consumer-oriented websites). Here’s some best practices for your site’s testimonials.

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How To Grow Your Auto Parts Email Marketing List

In case you haven’t heard, email marketing is the tops. Some used to argue that social media would take it’s place, but the numbers don’t lie. According to Kissmetrics: “…email has nearly three times as many user accounts as Facebook and Twitter combined…” “every web search made on every search engine every day equals just… Read More

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What is HTTPS, and Why Does My Ecommerce Website Need It?

When it comes to ecommerce, security is paramount. To ensure security, most websites use something called SSL encryption to protect any data passed between a website and a shopper (and vice versa). However, SSL encryption requires a secure form of communication between a website and a customer, and that secure form of communication is known… Read More

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Insider Interview Series – ShowMeTheParts, Branded Catalogs For Aftermarket Parts Suppliers

Today, we’re talking with Ronald Garand, Vice President of Vertical Development about the company’s product, ShowMeTheParts. Advertised as, “All the information you need to find the correct part for every application,” this up-to-date, public parts catalog is a big success. ShowMeTheParts accounts for 70% of Vertical Development’s sales and has averaged 25% growth yearly over… Read More

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