National Auto Parts Advertising Costs by Medium – A Quick Overview

Are you thinking about a national advertising campaign for your auto parts brand or retail website? Here’s some pricing info for a handful of common advertising mediums that auto parts manufacturers and retailers like to use. The rates can range dramatically from one opportunity to the next, so obviously the numbers will include a wide range of values.

The data below shouldn’t be used to determine whether or not a particular advertising opportunity is a good deal – it’s basically here to help marketers put national advertising costs in perspective.

National Automotive Magazines

Popular magazines like Hot Rod, Muscle Mustangs and Fast Fords, or 4-Wheel and Off-Road will sell full page 4 color ads for as much as $30k to $90k per issue. Magazines with a smaller (yet still national) audience like Super Chevy or Classic Trucks might sell the same 4 color full pager for $5k-$20k per issue.

If you go with a full page black and white ad, you can cut the prices in half. Back yourself down to a quarter page and you can cut the prices in half again.

Still, if you want to advertise in one magazine for one year, you’re going to at least $10k a year on ads…and that’s going to get you a small black and white ad that most readers will never see. The cost of visible advertising in multiple magazines is 6-7 figures a year.


National Automotive TV Shows

While most TV watchers don’t realize this, nearly every product featured in a syndicated cable TV show like Trucks! or Two Guys Garage (to name a couple) is a paid placement. You can buy a short mini-segment (0:45 to 1:30) for a few thousand dollars, or you can be the featured product in a show for tens of thousands of dollars.

The costs can vary widely, but it’s hard to get even a small produced segment in a syndicated TV show for less than $5k…and you can pay many times that amount depending on the number of times your product is featured and the popularity of the show.

As for traditional commercial time, most national advertisers won’t talk to companies that don’t have at least $5k a month to spend. That means that you’ll need at least $60k to run a very limited national TV ad campaign for one year.


NASCAR Race Team Sponsorship

If you’re interested in becoming  a title sponsor of a racing team for an entire race season, the costs can easily exceed $1 million per year. However, some up-and-coming racers who don’t have much of a following will let you buy title sponsorship for just one race…the cost of something like this starts at $20k per race and goes as high as you’d like.

Note: The resource on this is top-notch (we got our hands on a handful of team media kits), but we can’t link or share. Sorry.

Nationally Televised Motorsport Event Sponsorship

Title sponsorship for a nationally televised national motorsport event vary widely depending on the event, when it’s televised, etc. Suffice to say, it’s not cheap. According to Media Life Magazine, title sponsorship of NHRA events averaged about $300k per race back in 2011. Prominent NASCAR race sponsors likely pay at least $500k+ per race, with high profile sponsorship at something like the Daytona 500 costing at least twice that amount.


The Point…

National auto parts advertising is expensive, isn’t it? When you compare the cost of:

  1. Ongoing search engine marketing (both advertising and organic placement)
  2. Ongoing social media marketing
  3. Ongoing content marketing

that we offer to any of the above advertising options, you’ll find that online marketing is far less costly. What’s more, we’d put our ongoing monthly marketing efforts up against most magazine advertising in terms of effectiveness…

What’s more, we can measure every ad dollar with a much higher degree of certainty than any of the above.

So yes, the point here is that you should contact us. If you sell parts online – or want to grow your brand’s online presence – online marketing is something you should look into.