Going To Digital Dealer 15? Must-See OEM Parts eCommerce Presentation

If you’re an auto dealer in the business of selling parts online – or a dealer thinking about starting to sell parts online – there’s a presentation at the upcoming Digital Dealer conference that you have to see.

Ted Fellowes presentation Digital Dealer 15

Must-see presentation on OEM parts ecommerce by Ted Fellowes and Digital Dealer 15. Click to learn more.

Ted Fellowes – a frequent speaker in the world of parts ecommerce – will be presenting a session titled “Parts eCommerce – Wholesale & Retail” that will explore some of the tools and options available to dealerships that are in the business of selling parts.

From the Digital Dealer website:

For most dealerships, profits from their Parts Department are critical. Nothing is likely to have a bigger impact on parts sales than e-commerce. Unfortunately, parts e-commerce is a “Wild West” – an explosion of suppliers promoting a variety of solutions. Prices vary widely; vendors make similar claims….Don’t get left behind…

You can learn more about Ted’s presentation here, but suffice to say that there aren’t a lot of people who can match Ted’s expertise, nor are there a lot of people that make presentations on the topic. If you’re in the business of selling OEM parts online, you gotta see it.

NOTE: If you’re not able to attend Digital Dealer in person, you’ll likely be able to view Ted’s presentation after the fact. Keep an eye on http://www.playbacknow.com/digitaldealer/ to see if/when the sessions from DD15 are uploaded.