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We’ve created another humorous infographic about Colorado – this time it’s specifically about Vail, Colorado. We’re hoping it will generate some links for our Vail real estate client, so if you feel like embedding this graphic on your own site and helping us build some links that would be awesome.

Feel free to tweet a link, “like” this on Facebook, Stumble it, Digg it, etc (thanks!).

Without further delay, here is our “masterpiece” – tell me what you think:

Vail CO Real Estate Facts

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Some Notes:

1. We had a heck of a time coming up with this concept, and I’m still not 100% on it. The feedback we’ve gotten from and has been mostly positive, as well as the comments from random people I’ve shown it to, so I’m probably nitpicking. Still, the “story” isn’t as obvious as I’d like it to be.

2. The graphics are incredibly detailed…so detailed that the editing process took quite a while. I don’t know that we’ll make something with this many elements again.

3. Special thanks to Jake, Sara, and Mark for your comments during the creative process and of course Greg for making this possible.

Feel free to share your thoughts and comments below – all feedback/critique/criticism is welcome.

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Patricia J2011-06-11 18:46:44Reply
I'm going to Vail, if I can meet a single straight guy , as was written in your website! None here in Phoenix under 70!
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