Laughably Bad Content Can Actually Work

Imagine if you set out with a goal to create something so terrible, so horrible, that it would actually be considered good.

Seems like an impossible task, doesn’t it? Imagine how difficult it is to be intentionally terrible, let alone so terrible that your work might actually have some comedic value?

Fred and Sharon managed to pull it off, but that doesn’t mean that anyone else should try – check it out:

That’s just painful, right? The first time I saw it, I laughed and cringed at the same time…then I started reading about how these people are making money from their terrible work. Impressive, isn’t it?

I have some thoughts:

1. This is the exception to the rule. Most bad content isn’t bad enough to be considered laugh-out-loud funny…it’s just bad.

2. It takes a genius or an idiot to pull this off. Either you need to be really clever or you need to be really dumb to make something this bad. I’m not speaking ill of the folks in the video above – they’re YouTube celebrities now – but it’s hard to believe they don’t fall into one of these two categories.

3. Look at the Links! SEOMoz is showing 600+ links to this video’s YouTube page, which is pretty impressive considering SEOMoz data is usually a few weeks behind. There’s a good chance Google shows 10’s of thousands of links to this page, and with a little effort Fred and Sharon could use that page’s power to build links to their website (which is also laughably bad, go figure).

Does the success of this video mean I’m going to create something terrible in the hopes that it will be funny? Since I can’t imagine a scenario where this would be a better strategy than doing something genuinely good, so I’m going to say “probably not.”

Still, it’s fun to look at content strategies. If Fred and Sharon meant for all of this to happen, they’ve done something incredible.